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Nine Dragon Cattle Cardboard
Nine Dragon Cattle Cardboard
Nine Dragon Cattle Cardboard

"Yida Paper" Nine DragonsCow cardboardThe main weight is 126-450g. Generally, the standard specifications are roll and plain packaging, and special specifications are required. Nine Dragons Cattle Cardboard is generally a single-sided Cattle Cardboard. It is processed with pulp and wood pulp coating. The surface of the coating is smooth and can be printed in multiple colors. The physical properties of Nine Dragons Cattle Cardboard are breaking strength and toughness. It is very good in the kraft paper category.

The main use of Nine Dragons Cattle Paper is generally used to make color boxes, color boxes, handbags, paper bags, tags, elevators, book covers, paper tubes and other industrial packaging. Nine Dragons Cattle Cardboard is also domestic kraft paper today The market is very good, produced by Nine Dragons Paper, Yida Paper has been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years of high-quality service integration process. 【Product classification】Domestic single-sided cattle card

[Main weight] 126g, 175g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 450g

[Reel specifications] 787,889,1092,1194 mm positive slitting, special specifications can be customized

Zhongshan Yida Paper Co., Ltd. direct printing kraft paper, packaging kraft paper,Zhongshan Kraft Paper, American cattle cardboard, white-faced cattle cardboard, imported kraft paper, coated cattle cardboard, black cardboard, etc. The color of Zhongshan kraft paper is brown (natural color). The single side is smooth and delicate, with high burst resistance and good tensile force. The product is a renewable resource and can be recycled. Imported kraft paper is different from Zhongshan kraft paper.Imported kraft paperThe surface of the paper is smooth and flat, with relatively uniform ink absorption, with little powder and lint on the surface; high burst resistance, strong tensile force, not easy to tear, and good moisture resistance. The density of imported kraft paper is small; the thickness is large; but the quality of the paper is good; the cost performance is high, which can save costs for customers. We can also meet the requirements of printing and color printing factories, clothing factories, shoe factories, toy factories, handbag factories, hat factories, electronics factories, hardware factories, glass factories, optical factories, luggage factories, food factories, carton factories and other industrial papers. Some The product has passed the SGS standard test.