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Shandong cattle cardboard
Shandong cattle cardboard
Shandong cattle cardboard

ShandongCow cardboardLike Nine Dragons Niu Cardboard, it is a brand of domestic kraft paper. It is similar to Qingshan Niu Cardboard. Yida Paper is also a single-sided Niu Cardboard re-developed from the original Qingshan Niu Cardboard. Shandong Niu The toughness, tensile strength, and hardness of the cardboard will be better than the Qingshan cattle cardboard, and the color will be lighter.

[Product Category] Domestic single-sided Shandong cattle cardboard

[Main weight] 126g, 150g, 180g, 200g, 230g

[Reel specifications] 787,889,1092,1194 mm positive slitting, special specifications can be customized

The main weight of Shandong Cattle Cardboard is 126-230g, which is similar to Qingshan Cattle Cardboard. The standing specifications are generally rolls and plain packaging. It has its own processing plant and is equipped with various large-scale processing equipment. Among them are Germany imported high-speed automatic slitting machine, slitting machine, advancedComputer Marker PaperPaper machinery such as paper reeling machine, large rewinder, clothing cardboard beer machine and so on. It can be processed as required (slitting, rewinding, slitting, etc.).

Zhongshan Yida Paper Co., Ltd. direct printing kraft paper, packaging kraft paper, food packaging paper, cattle cardboard, computer marker paper, American cattle cardboard, white-faced cattle cardboard, imported cattle cardboard, coated cattle cardboard, black Card paper, and other varieties, of whichFood wrapping paperBeautiful, no doubt retro style, strong and stable, easy to shape, not easy to soften in water. Compared with other materials such as plastic, the cost is slightly higher, but if recycling is done well, this defect can be fully compensated; compared with hard paper, the cost is almost the same, and it is the best choice for comprehensive consideration. Our products can meet industrial papers such as printing and color printing factories, clothing factories, shoe factories, toy factories, handbag factories, hat factories, electronics factories, hardware factories, glass factories, optical factories, luggage factories, food factories, carton factories, etc. The product has passed the SGS standard test. Please contact us if you need it! We will serve you wholeheartedly!