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Single-sided red cow cardboard
Single-sided red cow cardboard
Single-sided red cow cardboard

Single redCow cardboardThe standing specifications are generally rolls and plain packaging. The main standing grammes are 175g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g, and various gramming specifications are complete. Single-sided red cow cardboard is compared to double-sided red cow cardboard. The color and quality of the paper are no different. The paper is made of one single-sided and one double-sided, manufactured in the same process. Single-sided red cow cardboard referred to as single-sided red bull, is a domestic single-sided cow cardboard. The prices are cheaper than imported single-sided cattle cardboard. The main reason is to imitate the American cattle cardboard. It is widely welcomed by customers!

The characteristics of single-sided red cow cardboard are quantitative, uniform thickness, high stiffness, high bulk, and good die-cutting performance; the paper has stable hue, uniformity and fineness, good dot reducibility; stable gloss, bright and bright print color , Strong sense of hierarchy.

Therefore, the single-sided red cow cardboard is mostly used for manual production because of its bright and bright colors, and the single-sided red cow cardboard is characterized by stable hue and "high value", that is, the cow cardboard has a highly uniform appearance and no color difference. High qualityPackaging paperThe material plays a prominent role in improving the quality of packaging products, and it is also one of the effective ways to judge the quality of the cardboard with the naked eye.

[Product Category] Domestic single-sided red cow cardboard

[Main weight] 175g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 450g

[Reel specifications] 787,889,1092,1194 mm positive slitting, special specifications can be customized


Guangdong Zhongshan single-sided red cow cardboard manufacturer "Yida Paper" is located in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan. It has been operating in this industry for 19 years. The factory sells single-sided red cow cardboard,White kraft paper. White kraft paper has high tensile strength, including single gloss, double gloss, stripes, and no grains. Mainly used for packaging paper, envelopes, paper bags, etc. and printing press drum liners. After years of hard work, the single-sided Red Bull brand Yida Paper has been created. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, we continue to innovate and form an integration of diversified products, processing procedures, home delivery, and after-sales service procedures. Professional and reliable, to solve your problems.