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Natural refined kraft paper
Natural refined kraft paper
Natural refined kraft paper

Kraft paper manufacturersThe physical characteristics of the refined kraft paper of Yida Paper's natural color is brown, close to the natural color of wood, good color and stable color; no dust, no water immersion; the natural color refined kraft paper has uniform thickness, good smoothness and smooth surface; good tensile force and burst resistance High and good stiffness.

Because of its special natural color, natural-color refined kraft paper can achieve unique visual effects as long as its simple processing is compared to other effects that require complex printing processes. Naturally refined kraft paper can generally be used to make envelopes, Hand bag, packaging bag, file bag, feed bag, flour bag, slitting, paint,Food wrapping paper, Pharmaceutical packaging, clothing packaging, product internal and external packaging and composite coating and other printing and packaging products. It can also be used for packaging paper boxes for valuable products; it is suitable for printing factories, slitting factories, paper bag factories, envelope factories, and sealing factories. At the same time, his environmentally friendly and convenient image can also be used as packaging for food delivery, which can also become a weapon to enhance user experience!

[Product classification] domestic natural color refined kraft paper

[Main weight] 80g, 00g, 120g, 150g

[Reel specifications] 787,889,1092,1194 mm positive slitting, special specifications can be customized

This product is kindly shared by Zhongshan Yida Paper Co., Ltd. The imported kraft paper includes Huasong kraft paper, Russian kraft paper, Japanese white kraft paper, American PCA kraft paper, American white kraft paper, Swedish KB white kraft paper, Swedish white kraft paper, and Swedish coated kraft paper Many othersImported kraft paperVariety, the weight is 40 grams ~ 450 grams. If you want to know more about imported kraft paper and label paper, please come to our company for consultation, thank you for your great support!