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Computer Marker Paper
Computer Marker Paper
Computer Marker Paper

Produced by Yida PaperComputer Marker PaperIn order to reduce the cost and loss of customers, all production is in accordance with international standards. The paper quality of the computer marker paper is all wood paddle, no grass paddle, no gypsum powder, no powder, no roughness, so it can extend the life of the computer drawing pen and the plotter, and improve the speed and accuracy of the drawing marker. . The paper tube of the computer marker paper is made of kraft paper, which has high strength, good toughness, and is not easy to deform. At the same time, it is produced according to standard thickness and weight. The computer marker paper produced by Yida Paper has neat two ends, no wrinkles or damage in the middle. The outer packaging of the computer marker paper is double-protected by film and coated kraft paper, which is particularly moisture-proof. It is convenient for product storage and transportation.

【Product Category】Domestic computerized marker paper

[Main weight] 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g
[Reel specifications] 787,889,1092,1194 mm positive slitting, special specifications can be customized

The main features of computer marker paper:

1. Complete specifications, 2. The paper is flat, smooth and wrinkle-free, 3. Strong tensile force, stable quality, 4. No dust, no deformation, 5. The core and packaging of the paper tube are in full compliance with the standard, and there is no joint in the middle.

Computer marker paper is a kind of paper used in clothing factories to arrange markers. It is an indispensable paper for clothing design. The computer marker paper for clothing factories, English name plotter paper, also known as marker paper, clothing CAD drawing paper, It is a special product for clothing plotter printing. The paper is made of high-quality wood pulp paper. The surface is smooth and delicate, the printing lines are smooth, clear and accurate, and there is no static electricity. It improves the service life of the drawing pen and the plotter. The computer marker paper produced by Yida kraft paper manufacturer has good toughness and high flatness. It can meet the needs of different manufacturers.


The physical characteristics of kraft paper produced by Yida Paper are yellow-brown, a little light yellow, with good color and stable color; no dust and no water immersion; kraft paper has uniform thickness, good smoothness and smooth surface; good tensile force and burst resistance High and good stiffness.

Produced by Yida PaperWhite kraft paperGenerally, it can be used to make envelopes, handbags, packaging bags, archives, feed bags, flour bags, slitting, paint, food, medicine, clothing, product internal and external packaging, and composite coating printing.Packaging paperProducts. It can also be used for high-quality product packaging paper boxes, etc.; suitable for printing factories, slitting factories, paper bag factories, envelope factories, and profit sealing factories.