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How kraft paper wholesalers deal with the crisis

Edit:Zhongshan Yida Paper Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-17

During the epidemic, how do kraft paper wholesalers respond to the crisis? At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the new coronavirus began, and it can be said to have swept the world by June. The epidemic has had a huge impact on our lives, employment, and business development. Although the current rate of resumption of work in the country has reached more than 90%, it is clear that there are still many problems left to us. As a wholesale manufacturer of kraft paper, how should we survive the crisis in this situation?

1. Reduce inventory: In special time, compared to the past, the greater the pressure, the greater the pressure, and when it can become cash is still a problem. Therefore, under such a situation, kraft paper suppliers should find ways to reduce the inventory of kraft paper. .

2. Product structure adjustment: As the foreign epidemic situation is still serious until May, global free trade has been greatly impacted. Under this situation, the business of importing and exporting kraft paper cannot proceed smoothly. If you want to survive, you must adjust the product structure. To focus on sales of domestic products, first survive, and then talk about development. The promotion of superior products must be increased to occupy a favorable position in the market.

3. Cash flow: Cash flow determines the survival of the company at a time of crisis. Therefore, kraft paper suppliers should consider the future cash flow in advance. If the economic situation does not change significantly within 3 months, how much cash flow the company needs to support? How to solve this problem?

4. Improve employee skills: At present, many kraft paper suppliers that have started work are not full enough because their business volume has declined. Under this circumstance, we should seize the opportunity to improve employee skills and carry out more learning and training to improve their capabilities. Only when the situation gets better can we do more.

5. Improve management maturity: Various processes and systems can be adjusted, updated and optimized under current conditions, and some common problems can be raised for rectification, so as to improve management maturity and work efficiency.

For companies, there are business opportunities when there is a crisis. If we seize the opportunity, we need to think about it! How to respond flexibly to the current epidemic? How to adapt to the changes in the wholesale kraft paper market? How to avoid problems caused by import and export? These are the current important issues for our kraft paper wholesale manufacturers. I hope we can accurately judge the changes and survive the crisis. The epidemic will not last forever, but it will not end soon. The economic situation at home and abroad will also undergo major changes after this. All we have to do is to embrace the changes!

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